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Best Acne Cleansers

You don't need expensive prescription medicines or dangerous cosmetic procedures to cure pimples. Best acne cleansers will help you clean the skin. However, you do not want to use a harsh cleanser that will leave the skin raw. Instead, you want one with proper ingredients that will clean the skin without harsh scrubbing.

Our Top-Recommended Acne Cleansers are:

Results: 7
Reputation: 8
Safety: 8
Total: 23 out of 30
ZenMed DermaCleanse is a three-step acne treatment system that can be used on all skin types to treat acne. The system contains a supplement that detoxifies the body, a safe skin cleanser, and medicated Acne medication.

Results: 6
Reputation: 6
Safety: 7
Total: 19 out of 30
Murad Acne Cleanser is scientifically proven to decrease acne and fine lines and wrinkles. This cleanser provides revolutionary acne treatment that continues nourishing your skin even after you've rinsed off the cleanser.

Results: 5
Reputation: 5
Safety: 6
Total: 16 out of 30
The Civant Facial Cleanser is safe enough to use every day to remove excess dirt, makeup, and grime. It works gently to treat acne outbreaks.