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Do Acne Treatment Creams Work?

Do Acne Treatment Creams Work?Acne treatment creams are topical. They are not ingested at all. After you wash your face with an appropriate soap or cleanser, you simply apply the cream to the affected area or areas. You want to target the area directly and avoid using the cream where you do not have any acne symptoms.

Topical Effects

Do acne treatment creams work? Yes, but it's not the best solution because they only work from outside. Since the creams are put on your top layer of skin, it is up to your skin to absorb the ingredients of the cream. Typically the cream is going to absorb to a few layers of skin underneath the top layer, but they do not work deep into the pore.

You should apply the cream two to three times a day to ensure the ingredients are getting absorbed. As the ingredients work down into the skin, the inflammation of the pore is reduced, thus the swelling dissipates. Creams do not always break the head of the pimple or zit, but rather work to alleviate the toxins causing the spots by killing it. So if there is a puss filled zit you may first need to remove the toxins and then apply the cream.

Common Ingredients with Creams

There are two types of common ingredients most creams are going to use: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Both are an acidic ingredient designed to kill off the bacteria clogging your skin.

While bacteria are a main focus of the creams it should also be mentioned that the creams are designed to remove oil from your pores. By drying out the infected skin area, the oil is reduced that is plaguing the skin and causing the pore to clog.

How Acne Treatment Creams Work

It is important to focus on the dry skin as a potential problem with acne treatment creams because skin does need moisturising. If your skin is too dry you can have additional problems. A good idea is to have a non-oil based moisturiser to place on the skin after treatment or in between treatments. It won't clog the pores with more oil and instead helps keep your skin healthier.

A third way creams work is to help with skin growth. Healthy skin cells are necessary to have a healthy appearance. New skin will grow, all while inflammation from acne is reduced by the cream.

As you have read there are three ways that these creams work. The most effective is with reducing the bacteria plaguing your pores to begin with. The added benefits are improving your skin by reducing the oil it has and helping to replace your old skin with healthier new cells.

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