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Compare Acne Treatment Methods

The success of your acne treatment is going to be based on several things. First, the root cause of your acne needs to be found in order to find a successful treatment method. With different options including pills, creams, cleansers, medications, and cosmetic procedures you will definitely find different results for success.

Acne Treatment Results

Acne treatment results are provided in a chart form to help you see the success rates. Simply choose one of the treatment options to see the method and the results often found with these products. Pills are considered the best treatment for all grade of acne. If you suffer from stage one or two, you may be able to use creams or cleansers to correct most of the problem.

Keep in mind that these results are drawn on the basis of an average level of acne. They may vary from situation to situation. Use our Acne Treatment Calculator for more accurate and precise calculations.

Success Rates

Prescription medications and pills have the highest rate of success at nearly 100% for all types of acne. Creams and cleansers work best for grade one or two acne. These topical treatments will usually take one to four weeks to show results; however, in about 70% of cases acne has cleared up with these treatments. To learn more examine the charts provided on this page.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is always going to be a concern when it comes to acne treatment methods. Creams and cleansers can actually be damaging to your skin depending on your skin type. A person with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction, a more severe breakout, or find these two methods are not beneficial. If itching, irritation, or redness occurs there is a safety concern.

Pills since they are ingested orally are often more safe than topical prescription medications which can be harsher than creams and cleansers. With pills you do need to check the ingredients to ensure there are no issues. If you are tolerant of most medications or products your safety should not be a concern at all.


Creams and cleansers are typically on the low end of the scale for costs. Pills can also be extremely affordable and the best in terms of results. Prescription medications are highly costs since you need to visit a dermatologist and refill your prescription. Cosmetic procedures are by far the most involved regarding cost since you may use these procedures for skin repair such as repairing scars.

Compare Acne Treatment Methods

It is essential that you use the charts provided and the information to compare acne treatment methods as a means of finding the best one for your grade of acne and situation. You can also use our Acne Treatment Calculator to find the best method:

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