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Acne Treatment Creams

Acne Treatment CreamsAcne treatment creams are often what individuals first think of when pimples, blemishes, and spots appear. It is not a wrong thought as they do work well. It is important to understand that creams are topical, so they work on the outside of the skin. Absorption of the ingredients is necessary for the skin under the clogged pore to heal.

It is easy to wash off the cream, wipe it off, or just add more oil to your face by touching it after the cream is applied. While the creams absorb and they do work effectively, they should not be used on their own. If you want maximum results, even to prevent further acne from occurring, you need to combine creams with acne pills.

Acne pills work from the inside out, healing the pore from the inflammation point, while creams work from the outside working down into the first few layers of skin. Pills actually target the cause of acne, versus topical creams that target the symptom of spots, pimples, and blemishes. By the time you know you need the cream, your skin is already inflamed and in need of repair. It can go from stage one to a more significant stage.

Acne Treatment Creams Results

You should not give up on creams even though evidence suggestions that pills work more effectively. Remember, it is actually the conjunction of two treatments that offer the best results. This means there are definitely advantages to using creams at a point when it is appropriate.

Please note, results of acne treament creams shown in this graph are based on average stage of acne. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your skin without pimples!

Topical Acne Treatments

By now you understand that it is not a preventative treatment for acne, but one working on the current symptoms you have. What is more important is understanding the side effects that can occur with creams.

Skin is a sensitive body part. There are quite a few individuals out there with such sensitive skin that the wrong soap, perfume, or even plant can create an allergic reaction. Treatment creams contain peroxide or acid depending on the type. These are chemicals, which could cause a person to harm their skin further rather than heal it.

You never want to over use the product and always need to follow the label. If you do have sensitive skin, it is far better to start with one area and see if you have a reaction. You should always discontinue use if you see side effects. If you do not have sensitive skin, you should not have any issue with using any of the creams in conjunction with acne treatment pills.

Pros and Cons of Acne Treatment Creams

There are some disadvantages like any product will have for helping with acne. Despite these issues you should not reject creams as a solution.

1.Creams are going to help heal the dermis and upper layers of skin. They only work on the outside and first couple of layers.
2.Spots and other acne issues are going to resolve with the creams. Side effects can occur.
3.You also prevent further issues from occurring as you treat the acne already occurring.-

Best Acne Treatment Creams

Best Choice: Zenmed Creams

Results: 9
Reputation: 8
Safety: 8
Total: 25 out of 30
Zenmed creams are specifically formulated to work on combination skin. It balances oiliness where needed, moisturizes where required. ZenMed helps balance the moisturizer of the skin to keep future flare-ups from occurring.