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Do Acne Treatment Pills Work?

Do Acne Treatment Pills Work?To understand how acne treatment pills work, you must first understand how acne develops. You skin is made up of layers with a sebaceous gland, sebum, dermis, and pores. Usually the pores also contain hair follicles.

A clogged pore will have bacteria, which spreads in the sebaceous gland. The clogged pore will continue to become infected until a swollen pore is seen and thus the pimple, blemish, spot or acne that you can physically see.

Treatment Pills Work in Three Ways

Most pills sold on the market are going to work to correct acne and prevent it in three ways. The first is by balancing your hormone levels. Hormones, particularly related to puberty, have been attributed with acne in teenagers and adults. By balancing out hormone levels, sebum, which is known to cause acne, is lessened. The production of sebum occurs with the production of hormones due to an imbalance. By targeting the glands which help produce oil on the skin that leads to acne your skin becomes healthier. Ingredients in the pills also support a healthier liver, which in turn, helps your entire body to become healthier.

Secondly, the treatment pill works to detoxify and cleanse your skin and body. Our body has some toxins that can be good for us, but there are others that enter our body due to food or the air we inhale. The body stores these, having trouble getting rid of them, which clogs the pores and traps the toxins in even more. Natural nutrients in the acne pills help to detoxify the body, such as green tea and other antioxidants, to ensure toxins trapped within the skin and body leave.

Your skin is also strengthened by many of the essential nutrients used to make your body healthier. Vitamins, herbal supplements, and minerals all make your body healthier and are known to fight against acne now and in the future. Your skin becomes healthier looking and acne free.

The Ingredients Used

The acne treatment pill you choose may vary in what it offers as ingredients; however, fairly common across the board are Vitamins A, C, B5 and Biotin. These vitamins are known for helping to clear up skin issues like acne. Vitamin A works with cellular growth, thus your damaged skin heals quicker with this nutrient. Vitamin C is known as an antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory nutrient. Biotin is great for nails, hair, and skin health. Vitamin B5 is a metabolite. It breaks down sebum which is an acne causing substance in the body.

Green tea, DMAE, and Alpha Lipoic Acid are all naturally occurring substances. They are known as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients found in things like fish, as well as the obvious green tea leaves.

For cleansing, acne treatment pills include MSM, Dandelion Root and Witch Hazel Leaf. Again, these are naturally occurring and work to help the liver detoxify the body and prevent such skin breakouts.

Do acne treatment pills work? Yes, pills with these ingredients are going to help your acne clear away in a few days up to a couple of weeks as long as you diligently use the treatment.

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