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Why Cure Pimples?

Why Cure PimplesWhy cure pimples? Acne is a common enough occurrence among a variety of ethnic groups; however, people can be very harsh when it comes to one another. Teenagers can be especially cruel.

Society places a huge amount of importance on our appearance. Cruelty regarding a person's appearance can lead to severe psychological effects. Above these reasons, curing acne should be about the health advantages that attaining clear skin can provide.

Damaging Effects of Acne

Why cure pimples? Because of the damaging effects of acne. First of all, acne can create scars. Larger spots or blemishes that are filled with pus can also become infected. The skin can lose its natural luster with acne. Oil and dead skin is not healthy for anyone's skin, which is why there are clear health advantages to taking better care of your skin and improving your acne. Curing your acne or reducing the effects it has on your skin ensures a healthier look, feel, and overall appearance.

Appearance is Number One!

Have you ever compared two pictures? Even unconsciously when someone is asked to look at a picture of a person with pimples and a person without blemishes, our eyes and feelings tend to go towards the clearer skin. We tend to feel the person without pimples and spots is more attractive.

If we wake up to a sudden outbreak of spots, we tend to run for cover. True, women seem more particular about acne and go straight for the makeup, but this is due to appeal. No one feels comfortable letting their spots and pimples appear in public. It is often a self-conscious reaction and it can actually worsen the effects of acne.

Someone who is very conscious of their acne issues will try to hide it under makeup. This adds layers and layers of oil to the face. It clogs the pores. Additionally, this same person might touch their face more often. They will be worried their spots or pimples are starting to show through the makeup or cover they have used. Touching the skin also means more oil from the hands and even more dirt.

Psychologically Stressed

Not only can depression set in due to inappropriate name calling between teenagers, but one can also learn throughout their life to be highly self-conscious about their acne. This can lead to depression brought about by troubling feelings over a person's looks.

When someone is worried about their appearance, about how others perceive them, or about being berated or laughed at due to their acne, this can cause undue stress, as well as depression.

The more stress one feels the more acne might stick around. Numerous studies provided by a variety of sources including WebMD (an online medical website) have stated that stress creates issues with hormones, some of the same hormones responsible for acne occurrences in the first place.

Curing your pimples should be about skin health, but also know that you can improve how you feel about your looks and your psychological health. You can reduce your stress, feel less self-conscious and even help your depression by having beautiful, healthy skin again.

How to cure pimples?