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Do Acne Cleansers Work?

Do Acne Cleansers Work?Everyone needs to use soap and/or cleansers to keep their skin clean. Running water over your face is not killing bacteria, removing toxins, or getting the oil off your skin. It might get the surface dirt and dead skin cells, but this is hardly helpful to the issue of overall skin health.

Individuals with acne tend to suffer from further complications with the skin that standard soaps cannot help. Acne cleansers do more than just clean the skin.

The Cleansing Process

Do acne cleansers work? Yes, they remove urface layers of dirt, grime, oil, bacteria, toxins, and dead skin cells. They are designed to use certain ingredients that will unclog the pores, reduce inflammation, and kill toxins.

You will need to be careful with the product you purchase and you need to understand how acne cleansers work. Usually, acne treatments have a type of acid or use all natural ingredients known to do the same things as the chemical ingredients of some products. They can be harsher to the skin, even drying out the skin while reducing the amount of oil left on the skin.

As the pores are unclogged, this allows any pus or bacteria to flow freely out of the pores and be removed. The pores are no longer blocked, thus acne is prevented by keeping the face clean. It can also help dry out the acne already formed on the skin. If the pores can be unblocked then the pus is removed. In some cases the cleanser will work to produce a head on the spot or pimple to ensure that it will eventually be able to reduce in size.

Once the skin is cleaned it will look healthier, feel better and acne will start to reduce and even be prevented due to clean skin.

Ingredients Often Found in Acne Cleansers

Vitamins E, A, B, C and D are some of the common ingredients of cleansers for acne. They are known to promote healthy skin growth, as well as some reducing the oil production by reducing the glands' size. Numerous enzymes and extracts such as pineapple, aloe, green tea, avocado and other healthy fruits and vegetables can also be ingredients used in facial cleansers that are all natural.

Acne cleansers based on chemicals often have acid or peroxide as a main ingredient. These dry out the skin and can be quite harsh. Dermatologists often use chemical based cleansers with peroxide known as BPO.

If you intend on using cleansers, and you should for cleanliness reasons, looking for oatmeal based, pineapple enzymes, avocado, and other natural ingredients with vitamins A, E, and B are important. The most important thing about how cleansers work and their ingredients is finding something you are not allergic to and a product that will not dry out your skin or make it worse. All natural cleansers, in conjunction with acne treatment pills, can end your acne troubles once and for all.

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